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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Abbreviations are our friends...

Unfortunately there is nothing you can really do in the 2ww that is exciting. At least in the fertile phase there's a lot of BDing going on. Not saying that it isn't going on... still! During the fertile phase you have a lot to talk about. OPK's, EWCM, CP, Mittlelschmerz (if you're a person who gets that... I randomly do), etc etc. Even more to discuss if you're undergoing IUI or IVF. If you have no clue what I said in these last few sentences, you're definitely not TTC hard enough and doing your research!

Honestly TTC lingo/abbreviations remind me a lot like the Navy. My husband can have a full conversation with military abbreviations, I swear. Of course unless you have been there you have NO IDEA what they're saying. It's like me saying, "I checked an OPK today and it was pos. It coincides with my EWCM and CP which is in the SHOW phase. We BD'd until the BBT temp shift occurred and I had my dry up. I hope this 2ww will go by quickly and then we'll see a BFP! Hopefully my LP is healthy if we aren't!" I mean.. seriously. Any person who hasn't tried hard to conceive will look at me and say, "wha---huh?" I haven't ever said that to my friends or family who have had it easy. Maybe I should just to see them stumped.

Seriously, I think every one should try to stump their friends and family as well today. We need some amusement in the 2ww... right?

Those who have no clue what I said in this post:
OPK - Ovulation predictor kit
pos - positive
EWCM - egg-white cervical mucus
CP - Cervical position
SHOW - Soft, high, open, wet (fertile qualities of your CP)
BBT - Basal body temperature
BD - baby danced
2ww - two week wait
LP - luteal phase
BFP - big fat positive
TTC - trying to conceive

Did I miss any? :)


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