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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Yesterday was Alisha and my appointment for weight and body fat check up. Our month report! Unfortunetely as it goes, I gained a few pounds since a week ago. I had a feeling I did. I really believe the weight it said last week was wrong anyhow.

Here's the report:

March 23, 2004 Results
WeightBody Fat
April 20, 2004 Results
WeightBody Fat

So in a month I officially lost 6.4 pounds and 3.7% body fat! I was upset about the weight but I am okay with it because I did good on body fat. I felt like sharing, also, the other figures of body fat.

March 23, 2004: Tricep Skinfold 32.2%

Suprallium skinfold (side) 49.1%

Thigh Skinfold 50.8%

April 20, 2004: Tricep Skinfold 26.7%

Suprallium Skinfold 37.5%

Thigh Skinfold 50.3%

Chase also remade our schedules. She took of weight training and put in some of her classes. She said first month she wanted us developing muscle and now since we have muscle fat burns quicker, so now we need cardio! Here's my schedule:

DayWorkoutMinutesExtra WorkoutMinutes
MondayMax Express30 minute class
TuesdayYoga60 minute class
WednesdayMax Express30 minute class
ThursdayAb class30 minute classEliptical30 minutes
FridayEliptical30 minutes
SaturdayEliptical30 minutes
SundayDay OffDay off

With eliptical she wants me doing level 5 or 6 and the last ten minutes in reverse. Encore express is what she referred to as ab class, it's a combination of abs & back. Max express is a class that involves step and kickboxing together. I already took max express today and was exhausted! It was one tough cookie of a class! I know it'll take me a while to do it well. I kept having to stop to take a breath and drink (next time I am bringing a 1 liter bottle of water!) I got to get myself credit though, since Aldon had the car today I biked there and back (15 minutes, 2.1 miles each way). That made it more of a challenge.

I asked Chase today... what could I expect to lose body fat wise this month. She said it varies. I asked her could I expect the same results as last month though and she said I could. So my goal to lose this month is: 6 pounds and 3% body fat. I like giving myself goals. I don't expect to be under 240 (like my last post said goalwise) until a month and a half from now, but it's just a realistic stepping point. Like "accomplish under this weight, then ten pounds less, then ten pounds less," etc. But I'm satisfied that I'm at this point so far. 3.7% body fat is something to really be proud of. And I am.

Friday, April 16, 2004

If you haven't already done so, read Tuesday, April 13, 2004 because this is sort of an addition. Plus it helps you keep up if you read if from the start.

Well, Aldon is home so TTC begins! I'm glad to have him back, I missed him a lot. He was gone... 71 days this patrol. It might not *seem* like a long time but it *feels* like a long time when he is gone.

Unfortunetely, today Aldon is working. He had to be there by 6:45 am and he's got duty.. which means he could be gone anywhere til 6 tonight to 6 in the morning tomorrow. I hate days like that. Then I believe he may have a few days off, I'm not sure though.

Since we only have *one* car and he has it, I had to bike to the gym. It was sort of refreshing. 2.1 miles in 15 minutes to get there... then 30 minutes eliptical (strider)... then another 2.1 miles in 15 minutes bike back home. I chose the wrong time of day to go though. I went at 2 pm, which means it's one of the hottest points of the day. And it *was* hot. But it was good for me to get out, bike and sweat. I should bike more. I love biking. Back home when I was in High School one summer... I biked about 6 miles a day just to go to a friends house then come home (since I didn't have a car). I lost 20 pounds that Summer doing that alone. Unfortunetely, I gained it all back once Summer was done.

I think it is was a good idea that I biked. Since Aldon came home yesterday I missed step & tone and in my opinion that 30 minutes bike ride made up for apart of it. And if I do it twice a week that'll be great!

Well, in continuation with Tuesday, April 13, 2004, I forgot to mention Alisha and I have an appointment Tuesday, April 20th at 1 pm with Chase. She's going to be upping our workout (I lost an average of 3.3 pounds per week for three weeks and she wants to up my workouts?!) She's also going to weigh us and check our BMI. Remember, last time I was 41.2% bodyfat. Let's hope a month shows some progress. I'm hoping for atleast 0.5% bodyfat reduction but that's pushing it. I'll give you an update. I have a feeling though this week I won't be losing my 3.3 pounds but we'll see on weight day! Wish me luck.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I realize it's been roughly two weeks since I've posted last. Well, what is there to say? Today has been an alright day. Today Alisha and I went to yoga which is always a relief. Last week there was no classes Monday to Friday because it was Spring Break and they assumed there'd be less participants since the majority would be at home watching their children. So we didn't have yoga or step and tone last week which really was a bummer.

Since there was no classes last week, our Fitness Trainer, Chase, was gone by 2 pm or so. That meant I missed out on getting weighed. But we got weighed today! And the results... are wonderful. In 3 weeks time I've lost a total of...

9.9 pounds!

I am psyched about it too. That's amazing to have lost that many pounds in so little time. Amazing what working out does for you ::big smile::

23 March I was 254.3

30 March I was 250.1

Today I was 244.4! Wonderful. I've been setting myself goals, realistic goals. First one was... to get under 250 pounds. Goal met. Next goal is to get under 240 pounds. Goal is in progress. It will be exciting for me to be under 240 pounds considering I haven't been under it for quite some time. It's somewhat astonishing but feels so good. I feel great. So all in all, it's been excellent. I realize my weight is coming off considerbally quick. I know I won't always be as lucky to have lost this much, but it feels good and I'll appreciate what I get. Each pound lost is one pound closer to being healthier.