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Thursday, September 29, 2011


When I had my son I retired this blog until I started TTC again and was dealing with infertility... I'm not sure if I should do that again. I know it's hard to read people's baby updates sometimes, especially when the blog was meant to be infertility related and that's why it was followed. I have around 35 followers... truthfully not sure how many people read my blog any more or just skip over it. Either way, I still am thinking of those others and wondering if I should start a new blog. Most likely in the future I will. I have another blog I used to post back years ago on, perhaps I'll consider going back to that one if I don't make a new blog. Either way I'll post a link when I do make my decision.



missohkay said...

I still read, though I've not been a great commenter lately. Definitely post a new link if you decide to move on to another blog.

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