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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I realize it's been roughly two weeks since I've posted last. Well, what is there to say? Today has been an alright day. Today Alisha and I went to yoga which is always a relief. Last week there was no classes Monday to Friday because it was Spring Break and they assumed there'd be less participants since the majority would be at home watching their children. So we didn't have yoga or step and tone last week which really was a bummer.

Since there was no classes last week, our Fitness Trainer, Chase, was gone by 2 pm or so. That meant I missed out on getting weighed. But we got weighed today! And the results... are wonderful. In 3 weeks time I've lost a total of...

9.9 pounds!

I am psyched about it too. That's amazing to have lost that many pounds in so little time. Amazing what working out does for you ::big smile::

23 March I was 254.3

30 March I was 250.1

Today I was 244.4! Wonderful. I've been setting myself goals, realistic goals. First one was... to get under 250 pounds. Goal met. Next goal is to get under 240 pounds. Goal is in progress. It will be exciting for me to be under 240 pounds considering I haven't been under it for quite some time. It's somewhat astonishing but feels so good. I feel great. So all in all, it's been excellent. I realize my weight is coming off considerbally quick. I know I won't always be as lucky to have lost this much, but it feels good and I'll appreciate what I get. Each pound lost is one pound closer to being healthier.


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