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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stupid cold

Four days ago I wound up getting sick, the unfortunate part of having a kiddo in school - always getting sick. Thankfully he recuperates quicker then I do, in fact he's pretty much over it aside from a cough that lingers. My body lets it linger and get worse. Two nights ago I wound up with a 101 degree fever, which I know it isn't good when you're pregnant. Eventually we did get it to break, thankfully. However I'm still coughing up a storm - hacking up a lung or two and I hurt... all over. So I called my ob/gyn yesterday and now I'm on antibiotics to deal with the issue. I'm thankful for that, hopefully I can get over it really soon. My mom is 100% sure I have an upper respiratory infection. She's had her fair share of them, and I'm positive she's correct with the way I've been reacting.

Honestly I'm tired (you should have saw what I typed instead of "tired" - I was a few letters off which tells you how exhausted I am). I woke up at 5 am yesterday morning and never did get back to sleep, although my lovely DH let me try sleeping in the middle of the day (only semi-successful). This morning has kind of been the same way, although I was able to kind of get back to sleep for an hour or two.

I'm hoping this cold will be over soon, and hoping nothing bad is happening to the baby. I'm praying it doesn't hurt the little bean. Until I get better, all my plans to get things done are on hold.

Thanks for all those who suggested different nausea remedies! Is it odd that a few days later my nausea finally settled down? It's definitely a relief. It still show it's head now and then (everything I eat besides ice cream sounds bad) but it's not as intense now. I just wish food sounded more appealing.



Suzy, Not a Fertile Myrtle said...

So sorry you aren't feeling well. Hope the nausea and cold get better soon!


Kim said...

Hi. I gave you an award.Please visit my blog to learn about it. Thank you for allowing me to follow your journey. :)

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