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Friday, January 23, 2004

I decided to check out my weight a few minutes ago and really was disappointed. My sluggish metabolism must be going slower then snail paced because I gained weight very unexpectedly. Gratefully, it isn't showing. Now is the time I start what is needed. I decided it'd be beneficial to make a schedule to stick to. As long as I stick to it at some sort I'll be good. That means no slugging off. If I miss the gym I'll use my Tony gazelle for the 35-60 minutes I missed. I've got to start now. Here's my not written in stone schedule for myself:

Workout Schedule
Day Exercise Minutes Extra Exercise Minutes
Monday Treadmill 35-60 minutes Tony Gazelle 30
Tuesday Strider 35-60 minutes Weight Lifting No set time
Wednesday Bicycle (gym one) 35-60 minutes None N/A
Thursday Treadmill 35-60 minutes Weight Lifting No set time
Friday Strider 35-60 minutes None N/A
Saturday Biking 35-60 minutes Weight lifting No set time
Sunday Walk No requirement None N/A

What do you think? I figure it is good to set some kind of start of what I need to do. Doesn't mean I won't take a stroll or bike now and then, I just figured this is what I continue to work on. I don't expect immediate results (it'd be foolish if I did), but I know losing weight will help my fertility problems. I believe Aldon leaves soon (goes out for three months on the submarine) so I'll do the Tony gazelle until then. After he comes back from the patrol, we'll need to work out a deal... Like get a second vehicle for me because he works constantly and we only have one vehicle.

It's a start. I'll update on weight loss when I hit the 10 pound weight loss mark from the weight I was before this (because it was lighter).


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