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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Welcome to my journal. My name is Krystal Wallace and my husband and I are TTC. We've been trying since October 11th, 2002 (the day I got off BC) but unfortunetely I have fertility problems. So this is my journal for the battle of PCOS, infertility, and obesity in hopes to become a mother someday. I hope you enjoy reading my journal, as I enjoy writing. I love feedback, so if you've gone through the same troubles I'd be glad to hear from you.

I can't say I'll write only about TTC, because there is a lot of information inappropriate to put here. However, I will write as much as I can. Sometimes it may be a thought, someday it may be what's on the adgenda for TTC, and sometimes it might be about tracking my weight loss. For three months I will be trying to get my schedule on track while my husband is gone. He works in the Navy and will be on a submarine for those three months, so during that time I'll be taking necessary pills to try to get regular and lose weight before he comes back. So, as it goes, for three months there will be no TTC which is unfortunate. During those three months, though, I will have our vehicle which is nice considering we have only that one. I will make it a plan to also visit the gym on base and workout 30-45 minutes 6 days a week. If I don't make it there, I will use my Tony Little Gazelle at home.

The pills I currently take: Medroxy Progresterone for starting my period, Metformine which is a suggestion one of my doctors earlier suggested... it's a diabetic drug but has worked for people suffering for PCOS, and then clomid which, of course, is a fertility drug. And I'll also be taking centrum which is a multivitamin, which everyone should do while TTC.

FYI (For your information), since we started trying October 11th, 2002 I've had a big problem. Before BC (birth control) I had a horrible period. It was very irregular, sometimes it didn't come for three months at times, but always was a small period (3-5 days). It was never reliable and very hard to track which is why I went on BC. When I got off of it, well, my period stopped. They say it's normal for a person when they get off of it to have an abnormal period because the body is trying to get back to normal. I was an obviously not normal though. My period came October 15th.... I didn't have it again until 9 months later which was July 21st 2003 and that was because I started taking medroxy. Since then, I've taken medroxy everytime to get my period. So, TTC is becoming harder.

I haven't done anything like I've heard others do. Charting their basal (sp?) body temperature and such. I might start doing that to get into the swing of things. We will definetely have to see. I appreciate you reading my journal.


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