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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I know I haven't posted anything lately but there hasn't been really much to say. I'm still working out often. 7 days ago I started yoga with Alisha.. let me tell you that was a challenge! Our instructor is named Chase. 5 days ago Alisha and I went to step & tone. Normally it's taught by another instructor but it was taught by Chase while the other lady was gone. She said she'd be beginners level for us... but no she wasn't! She was rather confusing. So I spent the day after sore and the day after that even more in pain. But now I feel good. So Yoga are Tuesdays and Step & Tone Thursdays.

Well... since I've started working out I've lost 5 pounds. 5 pounds on my scale that is. Alisha and I had an appointment with Chase before yoga class today. She made us "prescriptions" as she calls them. She made us each a schedule of things to do workout wise. My schedule is:

Mondays: Eliptical (aka Strider) 30 minutes and 2 sets each on the life circuit (weight) machines

Tuesdays: Yoga for the hour

Wednesdays: Eliptical 30 minutes

Thursdays: Step and tone for the hour

Friday: Eliptical for 30 minutes

Saturday: Eliptical for 30 minutes and 2 sets each on the life circuit machines

Sundays: Day off

It's rather not much IMO. Because I've kind of been doing more. So I think I may up it a little. Like maybe eliptical for 45 minutes. She said if I go on there 60 minutes to make the level higher, which I will do anyway. Chase said about doing body fat and weighing. She said we'd do it three weeks from now at our next appointment, but Alisha and I agreed we don't care what results we found out. I said it was better knowing right now and then in three weeks seeing what it is, to see what progress we made. So Chase mentioned she does like doing it right then but didn't know how we'd feel. So Alisha got on the machine first. She found out she's 5 pounds lighter on that weigher then she was on the one she normally uses. She's 175.5 pounds. Last time I weighed that little (little compared to what I am now) was about 4 years ago! She's 38.5% body fat.

Me... honestly, I weighed 254.3 on her machine. I normally weigh myself in the mornings. My machine stated 250 this morning! Roar. LOL. My body fat... 41.2%. Amazingly my tricep has the least fat... then my side tummy... then the thigh. Yuck. My tricep is 32.2, my side tummy is 49.1, and my thigh is 50.8%!! So... in three weeks from today we'll be checked up on again. Hopefully by then I see some progress. 3 weeks from now Aldon should be home too ::smiles::

That's my update.


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