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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

I really enjoy the way my journal looks now. Blogger has made some new designs and I really enjoy this one! Makes it look so good.

Well, Alisha and I were gaining a little weight each week we were weighed. So on our two week point, Tuesday the 4th, Chase made an appointment to check our weight and body fat to see if she needed to add to our workout if body fat hadn't lowered. Well, in the two weeks time I lost 2.5% of my body fat which is good. So now I'm at 35%. Next week on Tuesday she'll weigh us and check body fat again. She will be changing our schedules around too. I don't know what she'll add or change. Alisha talked to her about how to lose tricep fat and she said weights, so she is saying since she's not giving us weights she'll start us back on them. I enjoyed weights. It'll be good to add them back into our routine.

Right now I'm menstrauting. I just started today which is right on time, since I took my pills to start it. It'd be nice someday to naturally get my period instead of these "fake" periods. Maybe it's asking too much, but I wish my body was normal. May 19th I go to the obgyn for a pap and to talk about infertility. Chances are she'll be sending me to a specialist in Jacksonville Florida since I've been trying to get pregnant for a year and seven months. Makes me feel somehow inadequate when others I've known seem to get pregnant in a heartbeat. I guess some people are just meant to wait. I know it'll happen soon and I'm glad for it. Blessings take their time.


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