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Friday, May 21, 2004

May be a long post... doctor update

This may be a long post about what's been going on this last week with me. I'll start with my two week update with Chase, my fitness trainer, and go from there.

Well, May 18th Alisha and I went to get our weigh check-in and our body fat content checked. We went two weeks ago and this week so we could fix our one month scheduling. Well, she couldn't make our schedule since she hadn't updated what classes were available and she didn't know what we'd do. Since Alisha is going out of town this weekend for two weeks, she can't go Tuesday for a schedule change. Because of that, I'm sticking to what we've been doing.

Anyway, my weigh-in was a bit of a dissapointment. I weighed-in 3 pounds heavier then I was two weeks ago which I'm sure is wrong. I was 250-even. I really think it's wrong since I weighed in the morning of at 245 pounds on my scale. It's a tad messed up. My body fat didn't make sense either, it was 0.7% higher. Here's my chart:

March 23, 2004 Results
WeightBody Fat
April 20, 2004 Results
WeightBody Fat
May 4, 2004 Results
WeightBody Fat
May 18, 2004 Results
WeightBody Fat

So, to say the least, I'm dissapointed. I *really* don't see how it can be like that. I really don't understand it. Chase saw how dissapointed I was so she brought me to this lady in the health promotion area, who referred me over to the dietician. Since she referred me I can see the dietician and Tricare approves it, I guess. The thought of a dietician sort of upsets me. I watch what I've eaten lately a lot. I haven't eaten Mcdonald's for over a *month* and once in a while will eat at pizza hut or wendy's (I think I've had pizza hut twice and Wendy's twice since Aldon's been back which isn't a lot considering he's been back for roughly a month and a week). It just makes me feel like a lost cause, and I really hate the thought of having to worry about what I eat so much. Well, the dietician called this morning and we scheduled an appointment for Tuesday, the 25th, at 2:30 pm.

Two days ago, the 19th, I had my OBGYN appointment. It went alright, Aldon came with. She asked me what I wanted done... and I told her that I needed a pap smear and to talk about infertility. She said it was two different appointments and asked me what was more important to me. I told her my infertility problem was the most important. So we talked about it. She asked me what I was on and how I took everything. I didn't know what milligrams I took of my pills so I have to get back to her on that next appointment. She told me that since I was on Clomid, some doctor should've been monitoring me. She said it's good to take clomid, but you need someone to check if you're ovulating or not to know if you need to higher the dose or change it. I understood and agreed that's true. So she's going to have me go in for those appointments at certains times in my cycle.

The main thing she talked about was my tubes. She mentioned she needs to see if my fallipion tubes are blocked (hystersalpinography). To do that they inject a dye into my uterus and xray it. So she made up a plan for me:

Since my period was May 12th if I was normal I'd be getting a period June 8th. If I haven't had my period June 8th I get tested to see if I'm pregnant, if I'm not I start medroxy to start my period. Two to three days after my period's ended I go in for the dye test. If that's the case knowing my schedule... June 8th start pills for five days, 4 days after pills are done.. have period start 16th I'm sure. She doesn't want me on clomid in June though which sort of sucks, but I'm willing to listen to her. She is a specialist, afterall ;o) So we have an appointment on June 8th to follow through everything.

I'll update more on what's going on when it goes further into it. I'm sort of scared about the dye test. I asked if it would hurt and she said little cramps. But I was thinking if someone is used to those cramps they could be considered little to them, but since I'm not used to cramps it could hurt me a lot. I'm also scared since Jolene's had it done and told me she hurled after it. I'm sort of hesitant on it. I know I need to do it... I'm just afraid. I told Aldon he *has* to come with. Obviously I'm not going to be in any position to drive after that test! The things women go through to get pregnant. All worth it though in the end.

The doctor during the end of the conversation started saying "this is coming to you, as a doctor..." and before she said anything I told her... "my weight" and she nodded. I knew beforehand she'd say something about it and I mentioned to her I have a fitness trainer working with me, I've been working out two months so far, and I had a dietician appointment/refferal. She was glad that I was doing something about it. I know my weight is a problem... and I wish it wasn't either. I am trying.

Well, that's the long update. I'm thinking about creating my own weight loss blog too. I figured it could be interesting. It would take a while to do so we'll see about it. Sometime later, probably. Take care.


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