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Sunday, June 6, 2004

Well, there's not much to say in the TTC update. Lately I've been taking time off from exercising. It's become frustrating to me over the last couple weeks so I needed a break. I need the time off because doing it 6 out of 7 days a week really was getting to me. Felt like no progress was coming along as much as I was doing, so I needed relaxation.

How am I feeling now? Still the same. I haven't been motivated. However, I asked Aldon if it'd be alright for me to get a ball for ab exercises and a few other little necessities for exercising at home. I think I'd feel more comfortable doing them at home. No worries, go at my own pace and all. In the long run it'd be cheaper on our pockets if I started doing it myself. Aldon said it'd be okay for me to get what I need, and I'm glad. I know Alisha would probably be upset. I told her I'd still go to exercise sometimes (these two weeks she's been in Winsconsin for vacation), but it'd be nicer to do it at home. And cheaper.

Today I was checking around on websites and decided something. When I'm pregnant I'm going to workout. I'm not talking heavy aerobics. I'll do things like light weights and walking, just something to keep me active and in shape. I feel like getting a pile of books about pregnancy ahead of time so I know every aspect beforehand, even though I know quite a bit. It just interests me, so maybe I'll pick up a few books here soon.

Well, like my obgyn said if I'm regular my period will start the 8th. If I'm *normal*. So the 8th is my appointment and I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to it. She'll take a pregnancy test if I don't have my period, and if I'm not pregnant I start my medroxy. 2-3 days after my period ends I go in for the tubes test. Now *that* I'm not looking forward too. However, I'm not sure if I'm imaging this... but I've been having little cramps for four days now. I've been coming up with excuses for them but I can't help but notice they're still around. "Maybe they're my stomache over-hungry... maybe they're something else"... I know where they're coming from. I just don't want to get my hopes up (thinking my period *is* coming on it's own). I haven't had a normal period since Sept 2002 and that's when I was on ortho tri-cyclen. So long ago. It'd be a relief to get it normally, so let's hope for the best.


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