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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I had an Answer OPK test show a + on the 9th, day 18. Alright... that's good!! So I possibly ovulated on the 10th... well two days ago and today (7 dpo and 9 dpo) I wiped down there only to find a small amount of pinkish discharge. Now to me that's send a warning sign of implantation bleeding. But I'd only think it'd happen once. I'm not sure what to think... I tested and got a BFN which I expected. It's only day 28 and I've never really been normal on my cycle (although I did have my period on my own and a 29 day cycle last month). I just am overwhelmed. I don't think it could've happened this month, though. We only got to BD three times and the last being 2 days before the positive OPK. I know semen can last five days (or was it seven?) in fertile mucus and I did use pre-seed to help. I guess only time will tell. I figure if all means if I'm not pregnant the most I can ask for is getting my period on my own!

I don't know who actually is reading this. I love hearing from people though! Either way... any one who is reading this and TTC I wish you all the best.


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