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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wasn't my month

I knew the odds were against me last month since we only had 3 BD days before he was sent back out on a submarine for a while. It was roughly near my ovulation time too but I don't think we planned it right. Or it just wasn't enough. We're working on it! But good news is May 23rd I got another period on my own!! A 31 day cycle this round. So two months in a row my periods have been normal and that's more than I could ever ask for is a normal body!!

I've been starting to BBT chart. For the last week now. Post-ovulation temps were 98.1-98.3 range, once my period hit my temps have ranged 97.0-97.3. I've been working on charting cervical feel and position along with cervical fluids. I decided to buy a clearblue easy fertility monitor (aka CBEFM) and hopefully it will be here tomorrow. Since it'd be coming probably after my first morning urine (since tomorrow is CD 5 and that's the last you can start using it on this thing and I got it scheduled for overnight delivery) I was thinking of catching my first urine and putting it in the fridge until it was time. We'll see if that works! If all means I can remove the old data and start fresh next month, but hopefully there won't be a next month.

Well since clomid 50mg was a bust, I'm supposed to be on either 100 or 150mg. I'm pretty sure he'll only put me on 100mg. I called the nurse and left a message saying I NEED him to fill the prescription asap because tomorrow is CD 5 and I take it CD5-9. So hopefully they hurry up because today may be the only time I have to pick it up. I'll update later!


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