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Monday, June 29, 2009

CD 3

Yes, last cycle was also a bum cycle again. I was *so* sure I was pregnant. Maybe thinking I was pregnant is what caused me to feel all those symptoms, I guess I'll never know. I guess I can look forward to the fact my period came on it's own for the third month in a row. This round it was a 35 day cycle, which is still good and a lot better improvement then not having one for 2-9 months at a time. I'm just still stuck in a funk about the whole situation - I just felt it was time and was denied again. I think this next round I'll have to try to hold out on testing until at least 13dpo, it will save me tests and hopefully my sanity too.

I have been trying to decide these past few days whether or not I should be taking clomid. I feel more depressed when PMS hits on clomid. I feel like bawling more then normal. It's been two months on clomid so maybe it's time for a break. I'm just hoping I still can ovulate without the use of clomid. I wish I had used charting longer then maybe I'd know if my body could do it on it's own. It's odd but I had a dream just this morning telling me to make sure I BD because I'm going to ovulate early. Just in case it's true, I'll make sure and dance the dance more!

Sorry if I'm chattering, it's been a long day. The good thing is tomorrow we're going to see some of DH's relatives (his brother, his brother's wife and son, and his father). We plan to hit the Seattle zoo so hopefully everything goes well!! Should be an exciting and fun day which means I have to get everything prepared!


~Baby M.~ said...

Hi Krys!
I am from the OS site, we are members of different "groups"...I first noticed that you are also in WA, me too! Also that you have PCOS and IR both of which I have as well...We are TTCing #2 as well.
I read your blog and just felt compelled to leave a comment...Sending you tons of baby dust and good luck vibes!

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