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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's time to update!!

So sorry I haven't been around here the last while to update. Well I got my BFP 6 days ago!! What did I do different? Nothing. I still charted, baby danced when we had time (since he was working more), took B-complex vitamins after ovulation, took omega 3-6-9, extra vitamin C, a calcium chewable and prenatal. The only thing I really did different is stop looking into the symptoms I had when I was in the two week wait. I noticed most of my "pregnancy symptoms" were signs of an impending AF so I stopped focusing on those. I let the 2ww go at it's own pace - including telling my DH to hide the tests from me until it was time!

Well I convince him early to let me test at 11 dpo - but he gave me a blue dye and I was worried the line was an evaporation, since I've heard so many people got them. He let me try an Answer pregnancy test but the "line" on there was only seen if we looked at many different angles so I didn't trust that either. My husband had a duty day next day - so he said it'd have to be two days until I tested again. Well I cheated and went out and bought myself some dollar tree tests. A light line appeared! Went out and bought myself a digital pregnancy test and "pregnant" came up just as fast!


I got one of those little paper gift bags and tissue paper, put the tissue paper in it along with the pregnant test. I wrote a little note that said "What are you doing May 13th, 2010? Look inside!" and handed it to DH. Of course he was excited about it! I'm still waiting on the doctor to call back with my qualitative HcG # that I had done on Friday and then have to convince them for another so we can make sure it's doubling. Of course their office is slow right now and I'm on edge! I'll be making a new blog here soon to focus on the pregnancy :)


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