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Monday, January 18, 2010

Waiting to ovulate is boring

It's CD 10 here and boy do I wish I was "normal"!! I've seen friends on the TTC boards go through waiting to ovulate, to the 2ww, to waiting to ovulate again in the time it usually takes me to get into the 2ww myself. One of these cycles I need to look into anything that can help ovulation occur earlier. I know I should be glad I'm getting my period on my own now and that I am ovulating, but when you finally ovulate 21+ days later it feels like the cycle will never end! Even though when I look at it I'm still healthy - experiencing 35-38 day cycles. I remember when I could count on my period not being here for months. I've come a long way at least!

I know this blog isn't that exciting but it's kind of been dull lately. During this period of time there's no use of OPK's, obviously. The only "excitement" is scant creamy CM which doesn't usually happen early, but since my miscarriage I've never been normal.

I'll be calling to schedule an OB/gyn appointment soon. After discussion my DH and I figured it'd be good to take it to the next step and get a referral to the military hospital in Tacoma for further fertility work and possibly IUI as a next step. I'm still a little nervous on this thought, but I'd at least like us to see if there is other reasons we're having complications.


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