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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Still waiting to ovulate...

It's been ten days since my last post. You think by then I would have ovulated, right? Right?! I regret to inform you I haven't ovulated. Sadly I'm on CD 20 and barely have the start of EWCM. That means it'll probably be another 5-8 days before I finally see that temperature rise happen.

My expected AF date is on my son's birthday, Valentine's day. That is assuming I ovulate in four days, which I kind of think is doubtful but you never know. My DH said I'd have to test the day after our son's birthday if that is the case - the pee addict in me is thinking 7dpo is a more logical date to test. Companies who created pregnancy tests sure know what they were doing, didn't they? If I had to choose between chocolate and pregnancy tests I'd choose the pregnancy tests. Sad, isn't it? They've become such a big part of my life.

Honestly in some ways I think that's why my DH let me get a better camera... to lessen the stress of TTC and focus more on taking beautiful pictures. Granted the beautiful pictures part hasn't happened 100% but I'm not that great. LOL. I really think it helps me feel less stressed about TTC though, which is a plus. Hopefully it means good news this month.. no matter the outcome of this month I'll be taking photos. Only difference is if I get pregnant when I'm 7-8 months along I'll be doing self timer pictures of me. If only...


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