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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Today we go camping...

In two hours we'll make our 2-hour journey from my mother's house to where my husband's family will be camping. Am I excited? A little bit, but mostly nervous.

I had a great time this week - aside from bawling twice when we saw our SIL and their three children. All they could do is talk about babies and children. It's good they are so in love with their children, but isn't there more to talk about? There's more to life then having children.. I hope. I love my son, but there's more to talk about then his talking, food schedule and bowel movements. There's interests... hobbies... a whole world of things that should matter in life as well. Perhaps my life is better because of that. If I could think like that more often, I'd be set.

Anyway, hope every one has a good weekend!! We'll camp until Saturday, head back to my mom's at noon and Sunday head on our 14 hour drive home. I'll be glad in a way to get to go home and relax.


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