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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Conflicting emotions...

I always kidded with Dr. Q she was my good luck - the first time I talked to her about what I should do next with TTC I found out I was pregnant 7 days later. So I kidded her this time when I saw her she may have gotten me pregnant this cycle (since we talked about going on femera next).

Well, you can imagine my shock when I saw:

Yes, I'm a pee addict. The first one I took was the cheap wondfo, which I wanted some definitive results. Hence, the other tests. I'm shocked, but nervous as can be. My progesterone was *7.48* on 7 dpo, three days ago. I know I need progesterone and the only one who can prescribe it is my primary doctor right now, which is not normally what they deal with. I'm not sure they'd even want to prescribe it to me. My insurance only allows me to go to the Navy doctors (unless I go standard) and the Navy doctors refuse to do progesterone draws and progesterone supplements. They don't believe low progesterone cause miscarriages. Either way I'm sacrificing some money soon to go to standard. I refuse to see the ob/gyns at the Navy hospital. I'm scared of a miscarriage, but the ob/gyns and nurses were horrible there.

So either I beg my primary doctor for supplements, or quickly go standard and call Dr. Q for supplements. I'm not sure. I'm happy, but scared. I just don't feel pregnant this round... I'm not experiencing anything like I normally do. Kind of nerve-wracking. Hard to feel excited when you're so nervous!!


Laura said...

DEMAND progesterone from your doctor. They have no idea what they're doing anyways (my opinion of Navy docs), so they'd probably appreciate the guidance. Just tell them to prescribe it and that you don't care if the base won't fill it, and go to an off base provider. If you don't get satisfaction, go to the ER off base and tell them that you can't get in for an appointment and that you have a high-risk without the supplements and have them prescribe you some, it's not like you're trolling for percocets, so they should prescribe enough until you can go standard if you choose that :) good luck!

one-good-egg said...

have we heard back yet? your doctor's office is taking too long (to suit me anyway!) lol

Mrs. S said...


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