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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My temps are like a roller-coaster, baby...

Haven't heard back from Dr. Q yet about Femera, but I'm not in a rush yet. I'm 6 dpo so I still have a week to spare until I need to know what the protocol is this cycle (whether or not I'll be taking Femera or needing a cycle or two off of it).

Tomorrow is progesterone day. I'm not too thrilled since my temperatures have been doing a roller-coaster ride of their own, so it makes me wonder what exactly my hormone levels are doing! I guess I'll find out more answers in a few days.

I've made a few Team #hope products on Zazzle. A lot of TTCers on twitter cheer each other on, so this is a shirt with them in mind.

However, does any one know a place to donate some of my profits to? Is there any legit charities out there for infertility or losses that people know about? I don't know if I'm looking for a needle in the haystack here.

I really don't have faith in this cycle... I'm trying to lose my POAS-addicted mind and not test until at least 11 dpo. I would wait until I was 14 dpo but I don't want to be down about it since that would be Thanksgiving. I do have at least a legitimate reason to want to test early (so I could get put on progesterone) but it's such a waste seeing BFN's all the time. I hope this 2ww goes by quickly and smooth!


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