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Sunday, March 6, 2011

I love crafts

My mother has always been creative and loves crafts. The biggest thing she does is crochet, even when she had surgery on a few of her fingers she had the urge to crochet the same day (didn't though, wouldn't be too good to abuse her fingers right after surgery).

I've always loved crafts and artsy stuff - my biggest is photography, but I do love a lot of other crafts. However... I'm the world's biggest procrastinator. I've bought wire jewelry books and supplies, hardly ever touch them or try. I've gotten yarn and they only get used up when my mother visits and takes them off my hands and crochets us a blanket (you can imagine we have a few!) I was working on a quilt for Aldon - a tigger blanket. Never finished it and it's been 5 years!! I also have bisque ornaments, probably 20 of them all are half finished.

I'm kind of having the urge to do some crafts. Honestly I feel like making baby hats - go figure, right? But after seeing some very cute hats (like the monkey hat) I really want to see if I can follow the pattern and make them. Kind of a challenge when I only know so much about crocheting on my own, but I think it'd be fun. It'd be a change of pace. So I vow that in the next week or two I will update about what I've done!! Just got to get me a nice color brown yarn to start :)



Amanda said...

Caron Simply Soft is awesome! I can't wait to see how it goes!!!

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