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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The never ending to-do list

You got to love to-do lists, right? Normally the to-do list sucks when you look at it, but more and more as it gets accomplished it feels so good. But what if it seems to be never ending? That feels like our story lately. As you can imagine it makes it hard to get done.

Currently our future son's nursery room is our computer room. We've managed to fill the room full of things (3 computers & desks, DH's tools and my crafts) so that in itself is a lot of stuff to move. We were going to stick the computers in our "exercise room" so as you can imagine we have a nice little shuffle that needs to happen. Currently my husband has been using his hands and working on a building a big CD holder so when we shift to the other room we have a place to put CD's on a wall, away from any child's reach. It'll be nice, but my husband works from 2 pm-11 pm so there's not much time to get it done unless it's a weekend.

I wish I could say that is it! It's Spring time and we planned to do some landscaping work - tear up the grass in the front yard, lay down fabric and bark so we no longer have to deal with the frustrations of mowing up there. Wanted things to be a little less maintenance as you can imagine. We also need to start planting our seeds for peas, carrots, cantaloupe, etc. I could do *some* it on my own, but lately I'm still fighting to have the energy necessary to get things done. Doesn't mean I won't be trying to get some work done today though! It will be good for me to get out, it's a beautiful sunny day outside (Mid-50's so not too hot) and I know Andrew would love to get out as well since today is his day off of school. Get in some natural vitamin D.

And of course Spring brings out Spring cleaning! Every year I donate items to Goodwill however I still feel like we have too much in our house. I'm pretty certain our junk is reproducing!! So that's on the list of things to do - I already have 2 donation piles and that will get bigger here soon.

What's on your to-do list lately, or have you already gotten yours accomplished?



Shorty said...

I understand how you feel. Our future nursery is also the office, but the basement reno has to be finished first! owning a house, it never ends! Good luck!

(from ICLW)

missohkay said...

We got our office/future nursery all cleaned out... now it's just waiting to be painted! Good luck getting things organized!

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