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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm a failure

I thought I'd do better with ICLW and commenting on others blogs, but I just couldn't keep up. This weekend has been busy, we tried getting some of the front grass removed. Didn't do as much as I hoped for , but we keep getting rained and trust me rain makes dirt/grass much heavier and harder to deal with. I'm hoping next weekend looks nicer, but the weather report says it'll be rain like normal. That's what we get for living in Washington, isn't it?

Otherwise it's been trying to do household things. We have so much to accomplish. It didn't help that my husband accidentally cut his thumb on the router two days ago. No hospital visit, but he sure mauled his finger nicely. Found out pregnancy and mauled finger makes me a little faint and squeamish, go figure.

The last few days I've felt horrible. I think I need to work on a few things this pregnancy, both eating better and drinking more water to start. I'm starting to get dizzy and faint feeling more often and it's made it harder for me to function. It's definitely made things a challenge, that's for sure. Hard to be in the mood to do much of anything when you feel like crap. I'm still trying to push past it, get things done... but I'm definitely slower then I wish I was.

As for the baby room? As you can imagine no update there. I have to start buying a few things soon as well! Lots of items to get since I got rid of majority since it seemed like I wasn't ever going to need to use them. Thankfully we have our dresser and crib left over. Too bad that's not all we need! It'll get done, that's for sure. I'm only 21 weeks so we still have time.

I hope every one is doing well!



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