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Friday, February 6, 2004

Just felt like saying to answer Jen's question... yes, I am still going with baby looney tunes ::smiles:: I've loved it ever since I saw the things they have. I realize my friend Jenn Bastible had the idea, but, sadly, at her baby shower I was the only one who gave her anything Baby Looney Tunes. And, since she was in base housing she couldn't decorate the baby room how she'd want it.

However, Aldon & I will be getting a house when I get pregnant. And then I can decorate how I'd like it. I have so much ideas it makes me smile. It's a project I know I'd get done, as it's something I yearn to do. And I'm having help finding items!! Since internet lacks seems to lack a lot of baby looney tunes items it's good to have the help. I appreciate Jolene (::smiles::) who is doing soooo much to make my dream a reality! I love you!! It's so great.

I figured I'd also mention... I worked out last night (around 8 pm) and badly enough, I've been up all night. That's just my schedule. So I worked out around 9 AM this morning!! Yesterday I did 40 minutes walking then 5 minutes cooldown, and this morning I did 45 minutes walking then 5 minutes cooldown (at 0.1 mph more). This morning my heart rate stayed about 10 beats per minute less then it was yesterday which was GREAT. I'm getting to the point where I can do more. I had help though. I was distracted watching "A baby story" on TLC at the gym. It just made me want to go to tears. I'm so emotional when I hear baby stories!

I'm going to be trying to stay up today to get a good night's sleep. We'll see how that goes. I'm going to clean the house up.. I'm starting with the kitchen. I think I'm gonna turn the AC on while I'm at it. I'm hot!! Take care everyone.


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