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Saturday, February 14, 2004

Nothing much to say lately. I've been keeping myself on track working out. Like I said earlier, I'm taking it easy and not doing the schedule yet. I think I'm going to hold off on that a lot longer too. Maybe another week. I've been doing good. I'm not pushing myself that *hard* but my body is warning me to do a little less. So, today, I slowed down. I did it for like 5 minutes less and a lot slower. I think today would've been my "break" day anyhow. So it's good. I give myself credit for not losing sight and keep going. Most people don't last thing long continually. Myself included. I usually never continue this much, but it's good I do. It helps blow off steam too.

Well, I got a letter from Aldon a little bit ago. I think maybe 4 days ago. However, no Emails from him. It's sort of depressing. I guess they're supposed to go to Alert for 20 days sometime. Rumor is, they are on it. Alert means to us: no emails from us to them or from them to us and no letters from them to us and vice versa. It really makes things a bit harder.

That's what is going on lately. I wish all is well for those who read my posts. Keep in touch.


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