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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

I'd like to say much is happening, but it hasn't been like that really. Let's see... I started taking medroxy progesterone on February 8th to start my period. Finished the pills on the 12th. Normally I get my period 4 days after I finished the dose, so I thought I'd be getting it the 16th. I didn't get it until... the 18th. This period, however, was rather crapped up. It was beyond light. Really light... and really off. Which made it a horrible period. But I'll deal with it.

The 19th.. I had an appointment with my PCM (primary care manager). I made it three days prior. I made a few other calls that day too. I made one to my insurance because I wanted a referrel to an OBGYN (reason I had to go to my PCM). Found out I need to know who to go to as an OBGYN because if they did a referrel without a name, insurance would chose an OBGYN for me. So I called up two... the two gals in this area. One's wait was for August.. the other for end of April. So I went ahead and scheduled one for April 28th.

So, yes, I had the appointment with the PCM. Found out they do Pap smears there (did not know that) and that she can prescribe me the certain pills I needed (didn't know that either). Those were the main reasons for me wanting to go to the OBGYN. So she prescribed me Medroxy progesterone, Metformine and clomid. 6 months worth. I asked her if I should go to the OBGYN then because it seemed rather worthless then. She said a few things...

A) they might send me back to the PCM... because of my weight

B) they might refer me to Jacksonville's specialist, since I've been trying for 16 months now to get pregnant

C) I should go anyways to get a pap done.. since my last one was april 30th I'll be due for my yearly when I go there on the 28th of April

She also mentioned too... she says my weight is the reason my periods are like this. Although, I don't think that's necessarily true. She's like, "have you always been a heavy girl?" Well, yeah.. and I've have whacked periods my whole life. But they're sometimes normal. Or were. Before I went on BC then got off. So I really don't think it's entirely true. She also mentioned.. PCOS. Yes, I have PCOS (duh). She was talking to me about my other doctor.. how I wanted the other one to refer me to get an ultrasound to see if I have cysts. But never got to get an appointment since I moved. The lady was like, "Well, you have all the symptoms of PCOS... that's why someone, like me, wouldn't do an ultrasound. You see?" Makes sense... because have the symptoms.. just makes common sense.

So, future appointment... OBGYN for pap smear on the 28th of April.. we'll see if I get referred to a specialist, or not.

Update on workout: I've been alternating between walking and using this strider, normally 60 minutes each days but lately I haven't felt too good so I've done it sometimes a little less. I am gonna start doing a little weight lifting of these 10 pound dumbells for my arms. Just build up some muscle. I kind of am not too courageous to use the gym's weight equipment quite yet. Too many males. Too much testosterone. LOL. But I figure weight lifting a little for my arms at home would be good.

And, by the way, weight loss total.. nill. I've been doing and not having any weight loss. I had lost 2 pounds a week and three days ago, but ever since my period, I gained it back. But it's okay. If I build muscle it will help my metabolism speed up and fat loss go up. We'll take it day by day. Atleast I'm working out.

I believe that is all. Everyone have a good day, night, or whenever. Bye!

Oh yeah, did anyone else know it's not called an OBGYN if you're not pregnant? Yeah, weird, huh? Because I said I made an appointment with an OBGYN and the ladies at the desk were like, "aww, you're pregnant?" I was like, "no, trying to get pregnant. Hence why I'm going to one." Then they told me that they're not called OBGYN's then.. they're called something else. Can't remember what. They're still OBGYN's to me though. Always been called that. Whatever.


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