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Tuesday, February 3, 2004

I know I'm horrible, but I've slacked off. However, for good reasons. Aldon came back home. Their submarine left Friday and was back on Saturday. Things on there weren't going right. So he was home with me, somewhat. He still had duty days, which meant I didn't see him for a period of 36 hours at one time. And he also had normal days. More then likely, the last time I will of seen him was Tuesday night (yesterday). That is, unless things continue to go wrong. I highly doubt it though.

It's amazing.. I'm not even pregnant but I know my perefect nursery. I know what I want my theme to be, how to decorate it and what to decorate it with. I know everything and *want* to make it happen. If I had my own home and the money I guarantee I'd already be in the process of it. Pregnant or not, it doesn't matter. I *know* for a fact what I want to do. I just have to work on my color scheme and a few other things, but other then that I've got it in my memory where it will be stored for a while. Until we get a house, I can't make my dream a reality. But when I do, I will be posting a ton of pictures of my process. I've always wanted to decorate and a nursery will be the best way. I can't wait.

Take care everyone. I hope you like my change of how the journal looks.

Update: Man, at 7:30 PM I went exercising today. I pushed myself. Not too much of a push.. but 5 more minutes and for the whole time I was working out at .5 miles per hour higher then I was doing before. I've decided I like that better. I feel like I'm doing more then I was before. I sped it up for like 30 seconds and was running. Sphew! Someday I *will* be able to run.. and the day that happens I'll shout in happiness. I've *never* been able to run. Not for longer then 30 seconds pretty much. Yeah. It'll happen soon.


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