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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Cycle day: 16 and an appropriate horoscope

Today is cycle day 16, no sign of basal body temperature rising. Well, it *sort of* did. I realize I range lower on BBT. Yesterday I was 96.8. Today I'm 97.0. I was thinking, maybe she wants me to do this because there's a chance it'll show a rise. And with this rise, she wants to see *what day* it happens. Why? So she knows what day to do ovulation tests. Possibly? I don't know. Best I could think of. We'll see if the basal shows any difference. I still have some ovulation test sticks so I might try those in a few days. I'm sure they'll show I'm ovulating, but I don't know. I don't know what it'd mean when it shows my LH surge rise, but I didn't ovulate on tests. Maybe I should ask..

I was cruising horoscope pages and found an appropriate horoscope for me today. Here it is:

During the time of this aspect it is advisable to acquire a greater vision of the positive elements that sentimentally are forming part of your life; thus, if you give inner thanks for the good things happening to you, it is very probable that they are expanded and magnified. Don't concentrate on things you lack or would like to possess emotionally, it would be preferable to put your psyche on positive things and what is good for your family and sentimental relationships.

I was really thinking about this. And it's true. How much of us don't focus on the good things? I don't, but I should be. My body is giving myself thanks because I'm losing weight, and I should give myself inner thanks for how I've been feeling. I really should concentrate on the good things rather then the bad. So in light of that, here are some positive things that have been happening:

1) I'm losing weight

2) I think one of my PCOS problems is lessening. It's hurisitism (hair on face), I think it's coming in slower and less.

3) I'm more motivated since I started working out

4) I've realized how tasty a chicken salad with fat free catalina can be (LOL.. I'm eating one right now)

5) I'm stronger. I could pick up Aldon even.

6) I'm getting more muscles in my legs and arms

7) I got this cool line developing that goes down the middle of my abdomens

8) Losing weight will make me healthier, and healthier when I get pregnant

There's more. I know they're mostly related to my exercise and weightloss, but still, they are positive! I do have a lot going for me right now, and I am happy. I just hope that since I'm losing weight my periods will come on their own, and maybe my body will let me ovulate on my own. Hope hope.


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