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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Day 24 of Cycle: NO SHOW

Well, today is Day 24 of my cycle and there is *no* difference on Basal Body Temp, which just prooves my point. Either I'm a) not ovulating or b) Basal Body checking is crap. However, get this, what showed I was ovulating? OF COURSE, THE OVULATION STICKS! So things are messed up. Although I'm sort of wondering if the sticks are the liars. I just think they are.

I was talking to mom about birth yesterday. I wanted to know how her labor went and all, as I'm worried about actually *giving birth*. The idea of a baby in my tummy and a child being around is fine and dandy, love it... but, the thought of delivering scares the sh*t out of me! Back then.. there was *no* such thing as epidural. LOL. She said with Richard, she was in a lot of pain and had drugs. Well, what do you expect? He was born breech. *That* has got to hurt! With me, she said she didn't have any pain and didn't have drugs. Now I really I hope I have her kind of birth that she had with me! So much for small wishes. LOL.

That's pretty much all going on. I have to reorder my pills, and have forgot to do so. So I need to do that tomorrow and I know they won't have them in for a week. ((HOW the heck do you not *have* them in for a week? I will never get this.)) Unfortunetely, since I've forgotten it means I won't be taking my pills on day 28 to start my period. Maybe I'll get lucky and get it on my own, but I have a feeling that isn't going to workout. So, I guess I'll be taking them around day 32/34 or so. Man, what I'd do for a normal functioning body!


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