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Friday, September 3, 2004

Day one

It's day one of my cycle and I'm not too excited. I was having cramps that made me feel horrible. It was then that I wondered why I wanted to get my period in the first place! But I'm doing better now.

The doctor wants me to chart my basal body temperature. Before I started this cycle for like three days I was trying to "practice" getting in the hang of it. How the heck do I remember every morning once waking up to STOP! Not get out of bed and relax and take my temp? Craziness. But I'll continue to try, even though sometimes I don't think this is as accurate as it could be. Maybe we'll see if it shows me if I ovulate on my own. I doubt.

This is where TTC halts. There is no TTC. Just now trying to get my schedule on track, get me to ovulate, and also try losing weight. Hurricane Frances is threatening to come this way, so the guys are getting the submarine ready to leave and should be leaving today. They don't want their precious boat hit. They should be coming home soon after it dies for a week more, then leave for patrol. I'm not sure though. All I know is I miss him everytime he leaves.

So there won't be much to report in this journal since he'll be gone. However, I might give small updates on weightloss (for those who don't read my weightloss journal), give updates on my cycle, and how things are going. Take care.


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