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Thursday, September 9, 2010

1 dpo

Well today's temperature confirmed I have ovulated!! Unfortunately I didn't have EWCM, thanks to the Clomid drying me out. I had two days where most people would say it was EWCM, but I know better. It turned creamy when I rubbed it around in my fingers, so that will be marked as such. The clomid did help me ovulate a little earlier. Typically I ovulate CD 23-26, and this time I ovulated CD 19 so I'm happy! At least now if I get my period it'd be more like a 35 day cycle which is better then 40+.

My breasts are tender.. and that's a definite sign I ovulated. I tend to be weird like that since I started becoming more "regular" on my period. I don't appreciate the sensitivity, however it is becoming a good sign to know if I have ovulated or not.

And with my husband's knee killing him lately it was a challenge to BD. He suffered through sex twice (once with me on top and once spooning), but when he wound up put in a lovely piece of knee hardware we talked about using a turkey baster. We wanted to give this cycle a fair chance, so we did wind up doing it that way. That was the day before O so hopefully this cycle won't be a total bust. I'm glad to be in the 2ww, but someone please take away my pregnancy tests! I love to test early.. and well, I don't hold any promises that I'll hold out...


mistywallace79 said...

Well, my dear, you know I'm with ya...hope the turkey baster worked what a story to tell the kid years from now...lmao.. I'm only on cd3...Im gonna try the opk's this cycle and maybe, just maybe hubby will be home around the right time so we can make this would be sooo awesome if we could enjoy this in tandem.. love ya girl :):)

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