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Sunday, September 19, 2010

11 dpo...

And I do admit I am a POAS-aholic. I love peeing on things... well, tests in specific. I guess I was hoping I'd see a definite answer. When I was pregnant in September I got a positive 11 dpo and when I was pregnant in April I got a positive 10 dpo. So I tested.. and tested. Now I swear I see something, but that happens almost *every* cycle. I personally think it's the tests!! Probably a scheme to make you want to buy more. Or perhaps it's an addiction. Perhaps POAS is my nicotine. Is there a patch for that?

Anyway, I love showing off squinters for fun. They're like magic eye pictures - you stare long enough until you swear you see something. So here's my current magic eye:

I swear I see something, but that's my "gift" being able to see things that aren't always there. LOL.

Anyway it's been hectic with Aldon's knee out of commission due to him having knee surgery. I have to do a lot more to help out but thankfully he's slowly being able to help more (just nothing involving walking since he cannot yet). It's been a challenge, but we're dealing.

My awesome SIL (the one I really like) has some kittens she's trying to find good homes to and I said I'd take one. She lives about 7 hours away so I told her if she wants to I'd pay for her gas and set her and her kiddos up in the guest room. So she accepted! In a few weeks I'll be getting a kitten. I already have two cats and so I am hoping she'll love it here and that the cats will learn to love her.

Here's my Luna:

I can't wait to meet her and spoil her!! I love Siamese a lot, so she's already very loved. The thought of having her in a few weeks has been keeping me hopeful and semi-optimistic about this cycle. At least in the end I'll have Luna :)


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