Primary and secondary infertility. Recurrent pregnancy loss. PCOS. Insulin Resistance. Low progesterone. Vitamin D deficient. 3 1/2 years and 3 (more) clomid cycle cautiously expecting #2!

Friday, February 4, 2011

14 weeks

How Far Along: 14 weeks (and 1 day)

How Big is The Baby: From what I've read 3 1/2 inches from crown to rump, roughly the size of a lemon

Total Weight Gain: 2 pounds

Maternity Clothes: I lost weight so I had some clothes that were bigger on me, but now they're getting snug. I need to get a belly band or something soon!

Sleep: Off and on still, wake up a ton during the night for various reasons - peeing and uncomfortable

GENDER: Unknown

Movement: Off and on I swear I feel something, but too soon for solid movement.

Food Cravings: Ice cream and sweets

What I Miss: I never slept solidly any way, so I cannot miss that if I never had it.. can I? Honestly the only thing I wish was my back pain would lighten up.

What I'm looking forward to: Finding out the babies gender in ~6 weeks.

Milestones: I'd say getting to the 2nd trimester is a good milestone!

Symptoms: Back pain, sore breasts, exhaustion, uncomfortable sleeping (I'm a belly sleeper), nausea, food aversions. None of it has lightened up yet.



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