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Friday, February 4, 2011

Been feeling pain

Called my ob/gyn last week because of some uterus pain that felt like someone stabbed me with a knife and back pain. They said it could be a UTI (why I don't know) so they said if pain continued to come in the next day for a urine test. It lessened so I kind of brushed it off, since a urine test for UTI made no sense to me.

I called them today.. still waiting to hear back. My cramping/uterus pain is still on and off but my back pain is getting WORSE. Unfortunately no word back from them yet. I know my ob/gyn should be in this week (she wasn't last week) so hopefully they'll fit me in today. Otherwise I wait in pain for my Monday appointment.

Updated: They still insisted it could be a UTI. Went there for urine and they told me the beginning test (I believe white blood count) came back negative, no UTI. The doctor told them to tell me to take ibuprofen and see her on Monday for my appointment. Gee, pain over the weekend? Great! I'm just thinking maybe my scoliosis is coming back maybe. Don't know how any one could see if my back is out of shape while pregnant.. MRI?



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