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Sunday, July 11, 2004

And the results are in....

Confucious says: A negative result makes a lady TTC sad.

In a way I had a feeling I wasn't pregnant. Just wishful hoping that, obviously, wasn't enough to get the positive I long for. How am I doing? I'm alright.. I guess... the results were same as always. LOL. I haven't started my pills (even though I was supposed to yesterday). I've been having light cramps which I think will bring my period on my own. I'll give it a day more.

At times I think maybe I should stop "trying". Stop going to the OB/GYN.. just STOP thinking about it in general. Maybe then I'd have some luck. It isn't like I'm thinking about it much anyway. It's not like when I have sex I think "Great, time for babymaking!" No, not like that at all. And going to the OB/GYN is just to help with the fertility issues. But, who knows, sometimes people have gotten pregnant once they STOPPED clomid. I doubt I'd be so lucky. We can hope, right?

I guess I start two doses of clomid this time then. Since that's all I have left (ten pills) I'll need to remember to ask her for a new prescription next round. And next month I have to remember I have an appointment with my PCM. It's supposed to be a six month check in. Can you believe it, 5 months ago I went to my new PCM to ask for a referal? Of course, it took three months to get my first appointment with her. Haha.

As for keeping myself busy and in check... I've started crocheting. My first and only project was a "baby" afghan so far.. and I still haven't completed it yet. But the thing I'm crocheting now is my first time project following from a book. And I'm doing good. It's a afghan for my future baby. Whenever that may come.


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