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Thursday, July 22, 2004

A visitor

Well, I got a visitor today, my period. Right on time, I might add. I am getting good at knowing how many days from when I start medroxy progresterone til when I finish it will I get it. It's frustrating. I had a normal period last month, and this month I'm back to being on the pills. Sometimes I wonder why my body is so messed up.


I called my OB/GYN's office  to tell her I got my period. So she'll be calling me back sometime soon. She wants me to start my clomid, 100 mg, on the third day of my cycle. That'll be the 24th. Then she said she wanted me in on the 19th day of my cycle to check for ovualtion. So that'll be August 9th I go in for blood work.


Right now I'm making a little "weightloss" webpage for myself. It'll keep me more on track that way. Hopefully I see some progress soon. My weightloss webpage should be up here in the next few days. Once it is up, I will link to it on my main webpage and this page.


That's all that is going on. I'll update if more happens.


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