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Thursday, July 1, 2004

Two Lines!

No, I'm not pregnant. However, I decided a week ago to buy ovulation sticks to see if they'd say I'm ovulating or not. It's supposed to show your LH jump. To be ovulating the one line has to be as dark or darker then the test line. Well, I tested the 15th day of my cycle but the one line was way too light. 16th, light, but showing. On the 17th, 18th, and 19th it was as dark as the test line. On the 20th day of my cycle (yesterday) it had gotten light again. So, I should've been ovulating around the 17th-19th day of my cycle!

Yesterday I went to get my blood drawn from a diagnostics place. The OB/Gyns secretary asked if I'd go there to get the test done rather then their office, since it'd be sooner before they get the results. I should be getting the results either today or tomorrow. I figure if I haven't gotten a call by the end of today that I'd call and ask tomorrow afternoon. I really hope the ovulation tests were accurate and that I did, infact, ovulate.

Amazing, right when I was typing this, my phone rang. It was my OB/gyn. She had the results... she said the test came back showing 0.4. She said to be ovulating it has to be between 0.8 to 3.something. I asked her and she said there's not a chance I ovulated. I mentioned to her I was using ovulation sticks and that from the 17th-19th days of cycle it was dark and on the day I got my blood test the stick was light. So there's a CHANCE I did, infact, ovulate but they were too late in catching it. So we have a new plan this month.

On the 30th day of my cycle (the 10th of this month), if I haven't gotten my period I test myself for pregnancy. If I'm not pregnant I go back on medroxy (provera). On the 3rd day of my cycle (whenever it starts/started) I start taking 2 clomid a day instead of one. So I'll be taking 100 mg of clomid for five days. On the 19th day of my cycle, we'll be testing for ovulation. Of course, if things happen and a pregnancy tests says I'm pregnant, I contact her. If I start my period, I contact her. So we'll see how things go. I'm sort of nervous about this month. I hope things look up.


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