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Monday, August 23, 2004


Today at 8 AM my doctor finally called me back! She was sorry because she woke me up. I didn't tell her she did, but I know she knew since I sounded so exhausted. She asked me what it is I needed to talk about, if I could remember (since it was early). LOL. So we talked about maybe testing ovulation a little too early or a little too late, etc. I told her it's day 33 of my cycle today and told her no period is on it's way. She said for me to come in for a pregnancy test (she'll do blood because I asked) on Thursday at 1 pm. I guess she can send them to the hospital and get the results the same day. I'm not confident that I'm pregnant - in fact - I know I'm not. That's where the conversation about testing too early and too late came in, she thinks I may've ovulated but we caught it the wrong time. So she wants to see. I still don't see the purpose.. all I'm gonna hear is the results were negative. While I'm there, though, I'll ask about getting my prescriptions written since I have none.

I told her Aldon would be leaving soon for the patrol. She mentioned about stopping clomid.. I told her I'd like to have my schedule fixed for when he comes home again. So I don't know if she'll be wanting to stop them or not. I guess we'll wait and talk to her Thursday about it. I'll update when I know what will be going on.


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