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Monday, August 16, 2004

*still* waiting/update: bad news, again

It's been a *week* and I'm still waiting for my ovulation results. I called on Thursday and talked to the nurse. She said my Obgyn was out of town for a while and was back, trying to catch up on things. I asked her, "well, when will I get a call from her with my results?" She said, "Probably tomorrow." Probably tomorrow, my butt! I didn't get called in the 4 hours they were open on Friday and am still waiting for the results. It's day *26* of my cycle here and I still don't know the results. I need to know them, then talk to her about what we'll be doing this month. I have to also get more clomid since I'm out of it too. I think I'll call the office soon and see if I can get the results. Plus, I need to call tricare (my insurance) to see when my refferel there expires. Today I was supposed to have an appointment with my PCM but I had to cancel, since it is suppposed to be at 2:30 but Aldon has the car!

I'll update once I find out more.

Updated 11:22 am: 20 minutes after I posted the post, I found out a few things. First, I called Tricare, my referrel expires 9/30 so I still have time to see her. I have to make sure to get a PCM "6 month update" appointment before then so she can refer me back. I have a feeling, though, that the ob/gyn will want to have me go to a specialist in Jacksonville. I'm going to see in the phone book if there is *any* person who's more specialized in infertility problems and is in the Saint Marys/Kingsland area. I'm hoping there is, since Jacksonville is a distance away to go each time to.

I called the doctor's office. I talked to the nurse (again), telling her it has been a week since I gotten the test. She told me the doctor was *still* on vacation! Last time it was that she was catching up. WTH. Anyway, she looked up the results. Results: 0.4, same as last month. I'm not ovulating AGAIN. On 100 mg of clomid I cannot even ovulate. I don't know if last month maybe they tested a day late, and this month a day early. All I know is I'm frustrated. Oh, and the test they do? It's a 21-day progresterone level test. The doctor will be back on Wednesday, day 28th of my cycle. I have no clue what she'll want me to do. 150 mg clomid this time? Who knows.

In a way I'm so frustrated I feel like quitting. Just giving up and seeing where that brings me. I know I won't, but it really isn't fun doing this. I have been having cramps, I'm not sure if that's a sign my period is on the way itself or if it's my monthly "hey, here's cramps but you'll still need to take provera to get me" pain. I'm sorry, I'm complaining. I hope everyone has a great day. I'll write more when things happen.


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