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Thursday, August 5, 2004

Day 16 of cycle and...

Today is day 16 of my cycle (yes, early AM here) and I decided to do an ovulation test stick. The line is there. I'm not ovulating *yet* but it is showing it will be soon. It's light, but noticable. Too bad this isn't a pregnancy test. LOL. I'm worried with it showing up so early. Afraid when I get my blood drawn on the 19th it will be just too late again. Wouldn't that be my luck if it was? I want to be *sure* I'm ovulating. I'd trust blood work more then a test stick.

All I'm hoping is that clomid did it's job this time. I don't know if she'll up my dose again this month if I didn't ovulate or what she'll do. I guess we'll see.


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