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Monday, March 8, 2010

5 things to do in the 2ww

Start a journal

Or even start a blog if you want to be in the technological age! Either way, your journal (or blog) can be ramblings about anything from ttc to what you're grateful for. Okay, you're even allowed to rant to your hearts desire! It will pass a good amount of time, assuming you're doing it often and are not a fast typist or writer.


Best time to get things organized before you have a child making it so you never have a clean house again! Take the time to organize the things you have slacked off on and even donate things that have been collecting dust in your basement or attic.


The best time is to take time out for yourself. Pedicure? Manicure? A new haircut and dye-job? Sure, why not? We all need to be pampered out. If you need the less expensive route there is always a bubble bath with Epsom salt waiting for you at home. Or even if you take the time to look online there's always at home spa suggestions. Maybe you can convince your husband to give you a full body massage. *Disclaimers note: Will not be held responsible for any actions that result with both parties when full body massage is done.


I'm not suggesting this is the best time to decide to start the intense cycling class or even start using *any* Jillian workouts, because you' would elevate your heart quite a bit (and possibly tear something). It would be a good time for a casual stroll, a hike, or even yoga. Now is a good time to adopt a healthy lifestyle that you can stick to even while you are pregnant.

Invest in hobbies

Got a hobby you're dying to try or you already love doing? Perhaps a new class at a craft store nearby? Try it out! It would be a good time to get back into the things you love whether it be photography, painting, sewing, crocheting, scrap-booking, etc! It'd give you time to sew or crochet a baby quilt or scrapbook some baby pages together ahead of time. Hobbies make the time go a ton quicker!


Roxanna said...

I found your blog and just thought I would say hi :) I grew up in Eastern WA, also went through IF treatments, and am into photography LOL I completely agree with investing in a hobby. I wish I would of gotten my DSLR when I was TTCing our 2nd it might of been able to take my mind off pills, injections, and charting.

Krystal said...

I agree, Roxanna! I barely got my DSLR about 1 1/2 months ago and wish I had it way back when! I've been trying 3 years (technically 2 since my husband was a submariner) trying to conceive our second child and know a camera would have kept me busier - although the weather in WA does give it a challenge!

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