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Monday, March 22, 2010

Feeling selfish sometimes

I've been blessed with one miracle child, but it definitely was an infertility struggle to have him. However, I'm jealous. I'm jealous of those with two children. I'm even more jealous of those who have had multiples. I'm extremely jealous of those pregnant.

And... I'm selfish. I have been reading blogs, one person who had their two year old die of cancer. That broke my heart into pieces, I read their journey in tears. I've read a ton of infertility struggles, some ending in miscarriage or a road continuing down to IUI's and IVF's. It breaks my heart. And every time I see a pregnant lady I'm trying to remember - they might have been in my position at one point in time praying for a miracle.

It's a reminder to appreciate what I have, which I do... but I feel selfish sometimes realizing there's people out there struggling more then I am. All I can do is hope and pray for them to be blessed too. Sometimes we forget that we're not the only people who have been having issues and struggling. Infertility is a long road, and a lot of us are on the path looking for the right route to go.


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