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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

8w0d and an unexpected ultrasound

I called the obgyn clinic this morning about my spotting issue. I wound up calling Monday morning since I spotted a good majority of Sunday. When they told me we'd wait and see I was a tad frustrated, but it's understandable no matter what they couldn't do anything about it. They told me to call back if I spotted any more so when I started spotting yesterday night I called them this morning, first thing. Less then an hour later they called and made me an appointment for 11 am, 2 1/2 hours later.

Like I told my mother today after my appointment, this child is going to give us a roller-coaster ride. This baby seems to want to give me a challenge and (s)he isn't even born yet! From the HCGs being so low, to the HCGs not ever doubling normally, to the spotting and bleeding. My husband likes to point out how this child is just showing us to keep faith more and more and that miracles happen. I know they do - but this just tops the cake.

Any way the obgyn on call checked me out. Inserted a speculum, looked around and said he only saw old blood. He then checked my cervix and it was tightly closed. So he never explained to me what could be causing the issue or perhaps he didn't know. I know he was in a rush, though, since every one seemed to page him at once. Thankfully he decided to do an ultrasound which showed a baby just hanging out and the heart beating away. I asked him if he checks the heart rate and he told me at this point it doesn't matter. I asked if he takes measurements and he said no, that the only purpose was to make sure the baby was alive and healthy. That works for me. I could tell the baby had a growth spurt this past week - (s)he looked more like a baby, you could see the little arm and leg buds clearly and (s)he didn't look like a tadpole like last week any more. The baby fitted comfortably in my sac when last week there was so much room! I am really interested to see if next week the baby is now on track because I have a feeling (s)he finally caught up.

Like every one is telling me - I need to relax. I know I need to stick my feet up more and take it easier. This baby has a mind of it's own and already it showing it's personality! I just got to go with the flow.


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