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Thursday, May 6, 2010

The beginning of the bean - and so much stress

Let's just start by saying this week has been an emotional roller coaster ride since I got my 26 dpo beta results back. Last week, 4w5d, my beta was 422 which was good since it was a doubling time of 40.22 hours which is right on track. Well, my results a week later, 5w5d was only 1353 which is a doubling time of 99.95 hours. That worried me because there's not many people who had a doubling time of that when they were under the 6000 range. Most slower betas seem to equal a non-viable pregnancy, although I did find a handful of success stories which helped keep my sanity. Well, somewhat.

During all this fiasco I was having troubles since the nurses at the navy hospital were being rude and telling me I wasn't going to get an early ultrasound like promised, since the ob/gyn who dealt with my miscarriage didn't put it in his paper work (and his was a temporary there, so he cannot be contacted). Well thankfully after a talk to my insurance place that resides in the hospital they sent me to customer relations and I had a good long talk with the lady about the issues there. She decided to go there and have a discussion with them and got someone, who I believe is a midwife, to take care of me!! So this midwife, we'll call her L.C.S., called me and said we'd do another beta two days after the one I had done to make sure the #'s are going up.

So she called me when my results came in yesterday. My 6w beta showed my #'s were 2288 which was a doubling time of 63.33 hours, right on track!! She said when the HCG is over 1800 we can usually see something, and she had to cancel our 6w6d ultrasound so she scheduled it for today!! So I got to see the beginning of my bean today, 6w1d. My gestational sac measured 5w4d and we could see a fetal pole hiding in the corner. She told me every thing is on track, and scheduled two more ultrasounds - one for 7w1d and one for 9w1d!!

So I'm feeling a little more confident now. I'm excited to see what future ultrasounds will show. I'm still tempted to see off of tricare prime and go standard. I'd have to pay a $150 deductible every fiscal year, insurance would cost $85 a month, and I'd have a catastrophic cap of $1,000 but in the long run I'd be able to chose my ob/gyn and deliver in the hospital I want (which would be only a mile away versus 10 miles). This decision is going to take me some time, and I might not do it until I'm further along. Actually I might do it when my second trimester starts, so we'll see.

Oh, I did wind up telling my SIL :) She sent me a text one day asking if I was pregnant after I made a face-book status about how I was feeling dizzy and wound up having a migraine. I couldn't lie to her! And I'm glad I didn't - she's been keeping positive and trying to keep me thinking good thoughts while I was dealing with "beta hell". I'm so glad to have her around!


mistywallace79 said...

so fyi ya made me cry with part about me. (: I'm glad I can be here for ya and when ya think about it, we are only hours apart, so if ya need me, call me...I'll be there in a hurry, ok now I'm quoting a okay so keep me posted. Love ya girl!!:) Big Hugs!!

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