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Friday, May 14, 2010

Dear body, cut me a break...

Talk about an emotional roller-coaster! Would someone please let me off!! Well I've been dealing with beta hell (and still not stepping off this ride). I asked my doctor about my #'s and she told me, "have hope" and "keep faith." She's a lot like Aldon - he's been telling me often to have hope. It's nice having a positive doctor but I'm still feeling the worry for a few different reasons, which I'll explain.

We'll start with the update! The doctor did the t/v ultrasound and she knew I was nervous about seeing nothing. She looked around a little bit, confirmed things were in the uterus and not in a wrong spot. She says, "now there is something in there!" And she showed me this little bean which was *so* tiny and we saw the little heart flickering away. She didn't determine how fast the heartbeat was, but it definitely was beating quickly. It was wonderful to see. However she measured the baby and gestational sac - both measured 6w1d.

She seemed very confident since we saw the heart beat and the baby had grown. Even with all my questions she told me to have faith, but here are my worries.

1. My HCG is still slow and slowing down more. We did a beta after the ultrasound and it still showed a slow doubling time, even slower this time at 253 hours.

2. The baby measured 6w1d and I know when I ovulated and that I should have been 7w1d.

3. I measured 5w4d exactly a week ago, but the sac/embryo only measured 4 days further this week.

I have to wait two weeks - Thursday, the 27th, for my next appointment. In the morning I'll get my blood drawn and we'll do another ultrasound that day as well. I'm worried that so much can change in two weeks, but we'll keep faith and hope any changes are for the better.


J said...

Hang in there sweet baby and big hugs to you! I'm going to school for ultrasound and let me tell you, a gestational sac with a baby with a heartbeat is great news! I will be praying for you during the next two weeks.

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