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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nerve-wracked, again?

I know I've been on edge since finding out I was pregnant, and it's understandable since I've had two miscarriages in my lifetime. On and off I've felt better about this pregnancy, but let's face it my betas are hard to get past. I'm still nervous about the thought - am I really part of the 15% of people who do not secret HCG the same as others? I'm hoping so much and trying hard to keep faith that I could be. Seeing the baby was wonderful, that was more then I got to see both times I miscarried. It makes my heart warmer, but at the same time more scary. I love my children the moment I see the positive pregnancy test, but seeing the heartbeat makes it all more realistic. There's a baby inside of me with a heart beat. How exciting!

However Sunday had me worried. I started spotting in the morning. First it started off like brown discharge which I was calmer about - it's old blood and that's just fine. But I started spotting red later in the day. That had me nervous. Both my miscarriages started off spotting and then within hours turned to bleeding. Well, Sunday night all spotting stopped. Just to clarify I hadn't had sex for a few days so I know that it wasn't a cause. So I'm in new territory right now and not sure what to think. I called my ob/gyn's office Monday morning and proved even further they're asses when they told me they wouldn't do any betas or progesterone draws and just to wait it out until my appointment next week. Unfortunately the doctor I deal with is out of town this week so I get to deal with the jerks there this week. I know there's nothing they could do if I am miscarrying (just like they've told me every time I've miscarried), but it would have been nice if they offered to check my labs out.

So I have one week and one day until I know more. Thankfully the TCOYF gals had a lot of spotting stories like mine that turned out fine, so it helped me out. Let's just hope it's not a long week, right?

Updated 10 pm: Started spotting brown and red again tonight. Hopefully it goes away soon but I will be calling my ob/gyn office like instructed and this time not settling for nothing being done. They told me to call so if they're going to do nothing afterward then why bother? We'll see.

Updated 5/19 @ 9:30 am: The ob/gyn office got back to me when I called this morning, they have me going in at 11 am for an ultrasound.


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