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Monday, June 14, 2010

Not much to report

I got some blood work from my primary care managers office done last week and finally got the results today. They did progesterone (why at this stage I don't know), testosterone, metabolic panel, CBC w/ differential (white blood counts), monocyte absolute, and something else called a hemogram? Well majority of it came back normal - but my monocyte absolute was a little high. Their office didn't seem concerned.. perhaps since when I got the test done I had a cold going on which I'm assuming can elevate it? What sucks is I'm still not over the cold either, it's been 9 days since I got it. The other thing that was low was my Vitamin D still. A good range is 30-150 and mine is 23 so I'll be back on 5000 miU of Vitamin D.

I should be ovulating soon. My OPK's are starting to show a second line so it'll be within the week I'm guessing. I don't know whether to be excited or depressed. I'm just not feeling it at all lately - I'm so mixed with emotions. Do I try? Do I stop? Will I miscarry again? All these overwhelming questions and I cannot stop thinking about them. I've lost two babies within 9 months and I really don't want to risk another... but does that stop me from trying? I guess all you do is put one foot forward and pray. Guess I'll be taking that leap. Next month it won't be happening - I won't be starting clomid because I don't feel comfortable being on it amidst going on a vacation to a family reunion, so it will have to wait.

I've mostly been hanging around my other blog - The Good Stuff where the better life is. Life away from IF, RPL and everything else that bums me out. I like it there better, it involves more smiling. I refuse to even really venture on the TCOYF boards now because the only groups I fit in are pregnancy loss and infertility, two horrible spots to be in.


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