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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What I'm thankful for *child mentioned*

I always feel guilty posting something when a child is involved, for those suffering primary infertility. I used to be one of those people in that group and knew how much it hurt when another person talked about certain things. However, sometimes with IF we focused too much on the pain, endless BFN months, frustrations, poking, prodding and everything else involved. Today I want to focus on what I'm so grateful for, as I suggest all of you in IF world do too.

1. I'm grateful for my husband. For the 8 years we've had together. For him supporting me through drama, struggles, IF, and miscarriages. Even though he sometimes doesn't know what to say, I'm thankful for it. In fact today I think I will take a change to buy *him* some flowers. Updated: The picture above is the gladiolus I bought him!

2. *Child mentioned* I'm grateful for my one and only son. Even if we're never blessed with other children, it's just fine. As much as I want him to have a sibling I know he'll grow up to be a successful man. He lights up our life and is so smart, even though he's a little stubborn.

3. I'm thankful for my family. Although there's some in-laws I could do without, for the most part both sides of our family has many supportive and considerate people. I wouldn't trade most of them for the world!

4. I'm thankful for my camera. Now I see things as more beautiful then others do - see things more interesting and cherish everything. Even bugs (as you can tell) which many wouldn't get that close to no less take a picture of. In fact knowing me I'll be outside taking a picture of a huge wasp hive my husband found on the back of our shed!

5. I'm thankful for the roof over our heads, the food we have, and the income we receive. Though we don't make a lot, we are happy and healthy.

I challenge you to think of all the beautiful things in your life! I know there's more I have, but these are the top 5 today.


Glass Case of Emotion said...

Your camera does look amazing! I think it's great to take account of our blessings.

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