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Monday, June 28, 2010

Sorry for my failure

I'm sorry that I have probably been the biggest ICLW failures when it comes to making comments to every one and posting back. I'll be responding to some comments soon and since it is the last day trying to comment on some new people's blogs. I've just been keeping myself busy with everything in life currently.

Like I said last time - I'm trying to get into my creative gene and have been using photoshop to design tshirts and the such. Well I haven't done IF or pregnancy loss shirts yet, but those will come soon. Still accepting ideas all the time if any one comes up with some at all! I have been concentrating on breast cancer awareness shirts since those were easier for me to come up with ideas. I have a few already up on zazzle now. You can get an idea here: Tshirts for a Cause to see what I've been doing. However some of them are not showing yet, although supposedly they have been published. I still have about 10 to upload as well. Busy, busy!

As for the biggest question people had - what is microstock? Essentially there is buyers and sellers there - photographers go through a lengthy process of editing their photos, tagging their photos, and trying to upload it to a microstock site to have them sold. If that microstock sites approves it (they're strict with no noise, no blurs, etc) then other buyers can chose to buy it when they're searching for that subject. Well, I was getting only 25 cents every time one of my photos sold and that happened in a blue moon. The buyers then can use it under a certain terms and condition of the website - which is pretty much they can use it on like 100,000 items being reproduced or other stipulations. But still - they can publish the sellers photo on a lot. So I spend all the hard work to have them use my photo, God knows where, and possibly make a profit on it. I hope I explained it well. Say the least it wasn't fulfilling to me. It might work for others, but I beg to differ. Photographers work is worth more.

As for the TTC front currently - there's no news. Seriously. Since I had my miscarriage in May I haven't ovulated and I haven't had a period so I don't even know what to expect with my body any more! I hate being in the unknown area. I'm going to schedule an appointment with the infertility ob/gyn and ask for more blood work for pregnancy loss and talk about what I should do right now - wait it out or induce with provera. I think I should wait it, but we'll see what happens.


Krissi said...

Well, I just found you and added your button! (Which I love by the way!) I think the creative outlets are awesome! And I love the t-shirts you've made! I'm sorry to hear about your miscarraige. I hope something happens for you in the near future. (ICLW #75)

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