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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bittersweet anniversary

The day has barely started, but I find myself reflecting on these past 9 months. Today is my husband's and my 9th anniversary and while I should be 100% happy, I'm also finding myself rather sad...

Today was my due date. Instead of being able to celebrate the joy of a birth, I miscarried 8w3d on May 22nd. I know when my husband and I go out on our date tonight, I will enjoy it. But still I'll think about the way things could have been. Would we have not had a date today, but instead be in the hospital while I delivered a child? I know I cannot dwell on the things that can't be, but focus on the future ahead.

Today I'm further then I was last time... tomorrow puts me at 9 weeks. I'm proud, but still nervous about the next few weeks. Everything is going smooth, so I'm definitely feeling better about this pregnancy. I'm grateful for what I have and enjoy every minute I've been blessed, I just worry it will end.

Wishing all my TTC great news! I check in for updates often. I'm so glad to see some of them have had great news and hope wonderful news follows for the rest!

Remind me I still owe you pictures from this last year!



Mrs. S said...

I hope that you enjoy your date night tonight. You deserve it.

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